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Red. It’s the color of Valentine’s Day hearts. It’s also the color of the heart positioned on Rigoberto’s packet. It means that he has been waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor. 335 days as of this date.

Red is also the color of this little boy’s shock of hair. It sets him apart from so many children in Mexico. In some cases, red hair is a sign of malnutrition because it means the body isn’t healthy. There aren’t enough nutrients in his or her body, so hair becomes brittle and lacks color.

Red can be the color of marbles or other schoolyard balls that he likes to play with at the Compassion Center and at his school.

Red are the A’s, B’s, and C’s that he gets on his homework at school. He does well in school. Not above and not below, but average grades. This community needs further support in employment opportunities, public services, and educational motivation for its children.

Red is the color of the adobe walls that frame the house where he lives with his mom and dad. The floors are cement and the roof is tile. A family in this area typically makes $102 per month. That’s an average of $3 a day. His dad is a farmer. Most people in this village have no employment opportunities at all.

Red is the color of Jesus’ words in Rigoberto’s Bible. Rigoberto goes to Bible classes through Compassion’s center. He learns about the love of Jesus. He learns about the words that Jesus spoke about children. He is taught by loving staff members at the Compassion center who know his name.

Red. It will be a red-letter day on the day he finds out he has a sponsor.





Can I ask you a small favor? Would you go to the Compassion website and pick a child to PRAY for?

It can be a child with your birthday,  your child’s birthday, or an anniversary date that is important to you. What about a child with special needs or who is an orphan? There are teenagers who have had several sponsors and children that have been waiting over 6 months to even get a sponsor.

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose. Today, I chose a child who has special needs. Other times, I choose a child who has a birthday that day.

Go to it – pray over this child.  God will hear your prayers spoken for the needs of a child or teenager living in poverty. James 5:16 says, “…The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”

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