Some of my friends call me Angelina as a joke. It’s because I have more sponsored children than they can fathom. Two years ago, I would have protested having more than one sponsored child.
The change for me came when I went to Honduras in May, 2009. So, why do I sponsor with Compassion?
If you have ever seen the commercials with children living in slums, you know the shock that I felt as I visited a home of a Compassion-sponsored child. In each of the houses, an entire family of 6-8 would sleep on two mattresses. The walls were made of salvaged lumber and the roofs made of corrugated tin. There seem to be few options for these families.
But, it was not the impoverished areas that changed me. Rather, it was witnessing what Compassion was doing for these children and their families.
As  I saw Compassion’s work in action, I met children who had hope in their eyes.
I met this young man in May, 2009 when we visited several homes of Compassion-assisted children.
His mother recounted how he wanted to pray for the family to be able to eat, as they often went without food. A few days later, they learned of a home where the rent was much lower. They moved and life improved for the family.
They also participated in a church raffle for a refrigerator. The family won and they are one of the few in the neighborhood with a working fridge! Yes, they have electricity in this neighborhood.
As we asked about his sponsor, his mom also recounted how he wasn’t sure he would be picked. Within a few days of his prayer for a sponsor, he learned that he had one!  He holds his letter proudly.
This child dreams of a brighter future. When asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, he said that he wanted to be able to help his mom. His older sister dreams of being a lawyer.
A  sponsor stands in the gap for children. They offer hope of a future, and they chase away the lies that poverty so often tells these vulnerable children.

In return, I learned, a sponsor is also blessed.

‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’ Matt 25:40, NASB

As I have seen, Compassion gives children and their families help and do so in a way that gives the family dignity. This is truly love in action.

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