While we were in Mexico, we had some great worship songs. But what we didn’t count on is how difficult it might be to translate some of them or to teach some of them.

I heard one of the teachers singing Alabare and was so excited. I knew the chorus from singing it when I was in Peru with the Kings, CC, David and Janet M.

So, I asked them to sing it and I tried to sing along. I really like this song and resolved to try to learn it much better. It really helped to have a video AND to know what the words mean.

The chorus is really catchy and pretty easy to remember.
Alabaré Alabaré
Alabaré Alabaré
Alabaré a mi Señor x2

(Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise the Lord)

Juan vio el numero
De los redimidos
Y todos alababan
Al Señor
Unos Cantaban
Otros Oraban
Y todos alababan
Al Señor

(John saw the number of the redeemed
And all praised the Lord
Some sang, others prayed and all praised the Lord)


Todos Unidos
Alegres Cantamos
Glorias Y alabanzas
Al Señor
Gloria al Padre
Gloria al Hijo
Y Gloria al Espiritu de Amor

(All united
Singing Joy
Glory and Praises
to the Lord
Glory to the Father
Glory to the Son
And Glory to the Spirit of Love)

Oh and if you want more songs – we had such fun with
Yo Tengo Gozo (I’ve got the Joy) and going back and forth with English and Spanish of Jesus Loves Me