Tonight, my nephew, Awesome Alex, scared himself. He was messing around with the grill – which had not been used and was cold to the touch.  My dad gave him a warning not to touch it.  He knew he was in trouble.  With a whimper, pouty lip and big, tear-filled eyes, he held his finger out to me to show me that it was certainly hurt. It was blackened by the soot on the grill, so surely his finger was in need of a special Band-Aid.

In pursuit of a Band-Aid, we went to the bathroom, where I took a washcloth to wipe away the soot and wash his hands. It took awhile to find the perfect-sized Band-Aid for his 2-almost-3-year-old finger. Then, after a short struggle with the wrapper, I placed it gently on the exact spot where his pinky finger had been injured.

Joyfully, we returned to the rest of the family. In exactly 30 seconds, I heard him declare “Daddy, it’s all better!”  and then, “Mommy, it’s all better!”

I love little miracles – especially the ability to be part of it.

In many parts of the world, children don’t have the opportunity to get clean water and a Band-Aid. They often don’t have much time with family because parents work from sun-up to sundown to earn a few meager cents in order to buy a meal. Will you consider sponsoring a child today? Compassion will help to provide clean water, access to medical care, education, and food.  $38 a month will provide all of this as well as the opportunity to learn about the love of Jesus.

September is blog month and the goal is for 3,108 children to be sponsored during this month. I am expecting great things!


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