Everyone likes prizes, including me! So, that’s why, this month, I’m committing to blog for Compassion International. There are books and even the possibility of going on a sponsor tour in 2013. I doubt that I will win, but I have a weird hope.

Big things are happening this month. I’m taking a Perspectives class in Rockford, Illinois. Already, I am very excited. God has a heart for ALL people. Not just me. Not just Christians. You.

I have been invited to be part of a Compassion Sunday. Usually, you have to ask to do this sort of thing. I didn’t ask. God must be up to something, so I am hoping for BIG things.

So, I mentioned prizes. I have two beautiful children who are waiting for their sponsor. If you would like to sponsor Chomduan or Elkin, I have a PRIZE for you. You have a choice of a Compassion logo scrapbook, water bottle or soccer ball. It’s not a bribe, but it is always nice to receive something when we bless someone else. And believe me, you will be a blessing for either child.

Chomduan lives in Thailand with her parents. She is 6 years old and was born on March 18, 2006. She likes to  tell stories, playing house and playing with dolls. She is doing well in Kindergarten this year as well.





Elkin lives in Colombia with his parents. He celebrated his 7th birthday on July 27th. He likes soccer, running, and is also in Kindergarten.



Both children live in poverty and their worldview is greatly impacted by this. Often, parents have no hope for their child, thought hey desperately want to believe that their child can escape from the darkness, it is hard for them to spend much time instilling hope in their child when they work hard just to earn less than $2 a day. Any sort of setback like an illness could set them into further debt and despair. Something as simple as a cold could be life threatening. If you are sick, you might have to stay home and lose wages. Your child might stay home to take care of you and go fetch water – then, s/he misses out on school.

Compassion steps in through the local church. It provides help for the child to receive an education, medical check-ups, clean water and meals. There is tutoring for students that may be falling behind in a subject.  Children have the opportunity to learn about Jesus. A loving sponsor who prays and writes the child is also an extreme encouragement to the child. Children who have sponsors that write and encourage them often start to perform better in school and are far more likely to continue their schooling as a result.

So, if you would like to be a sponsor to Chomduan or Elkin, let me know. I will be glad to send you extra information and a prize of your choosing.


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