I do apologize to all those that I told I would write. In Kenya, it was difficult to find an online connection. They have them, but after a long day, it was easier to journal in my hotel room than walk back to the lobby area.


I faced all sorts of obstacles, some my fault, and some not of my own making. Suffice it to say that I am humbled by the fact that I am so human. Yet, in the midst of learning to ask for help and let my needs be known, there was also time to do some helping of my own. God used that extra two days to prepare me.

So, instead of leaving Sunday, I left on Tuesday morning and arrived about 11pm on Wednesday in Kenya. It was with a whirlwind of prayers, love and gratitude that I finally made it. As the wheels on the plane set down in Nairobi, I began to cry. I thanked the Lord for getting me here.

I managed to rein it all in and get through customs with a little difficulty and then get my bags. I wasn’t expecting it but there was Greg, one of the tour leaders that stayed behind for me. That driver must have been very tired as well, but he was so kind and helpful and handed me the first of many hot towels with refreshing lemon water that I would receive. Oh, it was hot!

Gratitude and God’s Love

Talk about pampering because the next thing was Greg giving me a bracelet from the day with the Maassai peoples had given everyone – Greg and JoAnn had gotten one for me. So, even though I missed the day, I still received a wonderful gift. This is love.

After some explanation of the plan for the next day, I managed to grab a couple hours of sleep. Then, I met with Greg, our tour co-leader and Jim, who works in Communications with Compassion International Kenya’s team (CIK). We talked and stared at the scenery for about two hours. That ride was gorgeous!

I thought, initially that we would go to the center, but we learned that the group was still at the hotel, so we pulled into the Isaak Walton Inn located in the remote village area of Embu, Kenya. As I got out, I was a bit worried. I wasn’t sure how I would fit in with the rest of the group who had already had two days to meet and connect. Would there be any connection?

My first encounter was with two of the people from our group. I’m sorry that I don’t remember exactly who, but I heard my name and suddenly there were hugs and I was overwhelmed with joy and gladness to be accepted so readily! This, I learned, was part of what sponsor tours is all about. You go as perfect strangers and wind up making some of the best friends you will ever know. I knew that they had been praying for me, but it suddenly became so real and so personal. It wasn’t just a casual prayer said without thought. It was meaningful. This is love.

And, the trip just kept getting better and better!