Have you heard of Sevenly? It’s a great company that makes soft T-shirts with cool graphic designs that represent the charity that they are supporting for 7 days, and for each t-shirt (or hoodie) sold, $7 is donated to said charity. I already own a couple and really love them.

This week, if you sponsor a child for $38 a month with Compassion, you will get a free T-shirt, courtesy of Sevenly. More importantly, you will be changing the life of one child by providing him or her with funds to gain an education, receive medical treatment, nutritious food, and learn about Christ. If you sponsor a child, I encourage you to write letters to him/her and remember to pray for your child. They won’t really know that you are spending $38 a month, but they will know that they have a sponsor like you and they will want to know all about you.

Or, if you are already a sponsor or cannot currently sponsor a child, but would really like to have a T-shirt, you can still go for it! Buy a T-shirt here and $7 will go towards the Compassion malaria fund. Malaria is said to kill one child every 30 seconds. That’s about how long it’s taken you to read through this already.

Malaria is much like the flu, but it begins with an infected mosquito. The infectious bite results in a fever, chills, headache, nausea and vomiting, sweats, and can lead to death. It kills children with dreams and hopes for the future. It can impact children like Deepa, my sponsored 8-year-old girl from India,  who recovered from malaria last year. It can leave teens like Kawira, my sponsored 16-year-old  from Kenya, without a brother and her parents without a son.

In Kenya, we slept under the protection of treated mosquito nets. We also met families with these. The family does have to wash, dry and re-treat them with a spray. However, this is relatively low-cost and the fact that they had a mosquito net meant that they were largely protected from the pesky buggers that could mean severe illness and even death for their babies and children.

This picture is from my recent trip with Compassion to Kenya. Children like these would have a fighting chance.

So, whether you sponsor a child and get a free T-shirt, or you purchase a T-shirt, you will help to change a life forever.

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” – Matthew 10:42 (NIV)