It’s already been a long journey home. I left from Kenya at about 11pm, Kenyan time. From there, to Brussels and then Frankfurt. From Frankfurt to DC. I am currently singing “God came down to AF-RI-CA” over and over, which was a song that we sang while visiting Compassion’s Central office in Kenya during the devotions. I think it’s called “African Way”

I learned so much about Kenya, and I’d love to share. I’m really fighting jet lag and am seriously hoping to catch a standby flight to Chicago as I was delayed by customs, security and arrived late to my flight. This time, by only 5 minutes. This has not been the best adventure in terms of flying….but I did give out some stickers that I had left to several kids here in the airport. They had been crying and whiny, as any kid will, and to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little whiny today.

So tomorrow, I hope to begin posting photos and information about Kenya!