Tomorrow, I begin the traveling portion of my Compassion sponsor trip. I just learned that my flight schedule changed by a few minutes. No worries – just as long as they don’t cut too short into the layovers in a way that would cause me to miss a flight if one were running late.

Speaking of running late, the people of Kenya are purported to run on their own time.  This should be interesting and I wonder how it will compare with being in Honduras and Peru.  There’s no rush. I’ll find out soon enough!

A woman from my church, who is originally from Nigeria and lived with her husband in Kenya for three years, told me to be aware that they say “chai” to mean bribe. The Kenyans also are very good at pretending to know you. I tend to be very friendly even on tours, so it will take an effort to be wary and thus, avoid having to pay too many bribes.

Kenyans also prefer chai tea with milk and sugar. I discovered that they are one of the biggest exporters of tea, even exporting more than the countries of India, China and Sri Lanka do. Interesting!

I’m looking forward to drinking some chai and to learning all about Kenya!  Mostly, I cannot wait for the butterflies in my stomach to stop churning around.