As I prepare to leave, several people have prayed for me to be safe. I want to be safe, but as I pray about it, I can’t help but think that HE doesn’t want me to pray for comfort.

I don’t want to be comfortable in my faith. I want to be challenged and pushed to trust in Him more. I want to pray with others. I want to preach Jesus as Christ the Savior and Lord of all. I want to be the woman after God’s heart that He desires for me to be. I want to be tested.

So, as I go on this trip to Kenya, please pray that God would use all circumstances to His glory. I know that God is good and that He loves me. He will not let me go or forsake me. He is not afraid for me because He knows what will happen and in all things, I want to glorify God. I pray that He would test me and place me in His fire that I might emerge as gold.

In Acts 12, James and Peter are placed in jail. James is put to death. The people praying for Peter are afraid and desperate that he will be put to death as well and mourn for James. In the middle of the night, an angel of the Lord strikes Peter on the side and wakes him from his sleep. The angel tells Peter “Get up quickly” and then “Get dressed and put your sandals on.” Then, the angel directs Peter to put on his cloak and to “Follow me” – so Peter, thinking it is a vision and not knowing what is going on, follows the angel out of the jail, past two guards and to the iron gate. The gate opens of its own accord and Peter follows the angel through the gate and down to a side street. It is at this time that the angel leaves and Peter is suddenly aware that this is all reality. He has just followed an angel right out of prison!

I couldn’t imagine walking out of a prison like that. I couldn’t imagine having to explain why it is I escaped prison – Well, an angel led me. Doesn’t that make me an escaped convict? Aren’t the charges going to be that much worse? Peter knows immediately that this was the Lord’s work and he runs to Mary, mother of John Mark, and the other disciples that are at her house. Then, as soon as they realize that it is him and not a ghost, he goes onward to share the news with others.

His news isn’t that he survived prison. It is that GOD has done an awesome and amazing thing.

Test me Lord that I may testify to your greatness and holiness. Take me to the darkest places so that I might be as your light. I will not be afraid because You are not afraid.