In May of 2009, I visited Abigail, a young girl that I had sponsored since 2003. As I had anticipated, she seemed shy. Even though there had only been a few letters a year shared between us, her personality seemed to be exactly as I had imagined. She was both serious and shy, and I learned so much about her in that one day.

Yet, nothing prepared me for the phone call I would get just a month later. Abigail, my sweet young teenage girl, was no longer going to be a part of Compassion’s program. I learned that her family was doing better and that they were no longer interested in the program. That was very hard to hear after Abigail’s mother had continued to ask me if I would remember them and support them and come visit again. I do not know where the change happened, and for too long, I felt very guilty that I had done something.

More recently, I have lost three children since August, 2011. In August, I received a call that Brenda was departing the program early. Though, I do have to say that she is an 18-year-old from Uganda, and she benefited greatly from Compassion’s ministry. She accepted Christ and had received an 8th grade education and by all accounts was going to continue schooling.

In December, 2011, I learned that Carlos’ project is closing because the community in Peru is actually doing much better. Just this week, I received a sweet letter from him thanking me for being his sponsor and for the Christmas gift he had received.

Yesterday, I received the news that one of my correspondent children has a sponsor that is dropping him. Prince is from Rwanda and is a sweet, 8-year-old boy who is very good at drawing. He lives with his mother and absolutely adores his older sister.

A correspondent, for the record, is a child that is assigned to a person who will write on behalf of a financial sponsor. Since the financial sponsor is dropping, I do have the choice to sponsor him now. I am very torn because I have a number of sponsored children and it is not financially feasible.

I grieve each of these losses because I want to know what will happen with their lives. I know that it is improbable that I will ever meet them again on this side of Heaven.

What I have to remember is that even if these children seem “lost” to me, they are never lost to God. God’s eye is on the sparrow. He does not abandon or forsake any of them. In fact, His love reached down in a tangible way by providing them with food, medical care, and education. Moreover, He gave each child the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ. He saw that they were in dire need, and God orchestrated it all so that they would know more about His deep and abounding love.

Will you sponsor a child who still needs to know more about God’s love? The children here have been waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor. Please consider sponsoring one of them today.