In just under 8 weeks, I will be leaving to Kenya! on a Compassion International Advocate Experience trip It’s been quite an adventure trying to get myself ready. Currently, I know of 5 others going and I am so excited for their presence. Even if we don’t know each other well, it is so great to just know of someone going.

So far, one dentist is  donating about 250 toothbrushes! Actually, he said as many as I need – which is incredible. My Bible study group has given me some blankets, kid band-aids, and I have received several presents to deliver to Compassion’s office in Kenya and will be taken to children of fellow sponsors who cannot make the trip.

In the beginning, I heard some disconcerting news from the US news alerts about travel to Kenya, and this had me very nervous. After fasting and praying, I found a peace and a confidence about this trip that is very exciting. I didn’t even realize the restored confidence and faith in God until talking with a friend about it. There was no hint of doubt at all and I was so elated as it occurred to me that this was of God.

I will admit that I did recently have a dream this week about the luggage getting messed up!

The one thing that God continues to press upon my heart is His deep love. I keep thinking about the “pearl of price unknown” – this parable is told in Matthew 13:45, 46 when Jesus is telling about what the kingdom of heaven is like. It is like a man who, in searching for pearls, finds one of unknown value, and goes and sells everything that he has just to get that pearl.

Trips like these are a way of getting a glimpse into the kingdom of heaven. He reveals His love in powerful ways when we are out of our comfort zones. I’ve never been to Kenya. I don’t know what this trip holds as everything will be new. I am hoping that giving everything that I have to go on this trip will stretch me and that He will use this to build up my faith.

My hope is that He will also use me right there in Kenya, that He will develop my relationships with the other people going on this trip, and that together, we will show others the deep love of Christ. The love that is worth all costs.

If you would like to help on this journey, I do have a donate button here on my page that is safe and secure. I also have room in my luggage for more items as you are led. Blankets, sweaters, stuffed toys, sports equipment is all able to go over. I am pondering a third piece of luggage.  More importantly, your prayers are coveted.

Prayer requests for me, Julie, Elizabeth, Chris, Maggie and Daryl, as well as the rest of the group traveling to Kenya:

  • As we  move up to March 18-19, that God would cover us in the shadow of His wings. Ask that He would help us to meet frustrations with patience, prayer and grace.  Often, the weeks leading up to these types of trips include car problems, appliance problems, and any sort of frustration at work, home, school, or church that might happen.
  • Please pray for traveling mercies. This trip will involve each of us arranging individual flights to and from Kenya. Please pray that connections will be met and that luggage will not be lost.
  • Please pray for health of travelers involved. The food will be different and we will mostly be drinking bottled water. Please pray that people stay healthy and are able to be used by God for His service to others.
  • Pray for the spiritual health of each traveler. This trip will likely be exhausting as there will be visits to some very poor and desperate areas of Kenya. Ask God that He would speak to each heart his love and help keep our eyes open for ministry opportunities.
  • Pray for the children that we will be visiting. These will be Compassion centers where roughly 200-300 children are registered. Pray that we would be used to show them love and be a tangible experience of their sponsor’s love for them. If they are not yet sponsored, pray that they would soon be sponsored.
  • Pray for the children that we sponsor – that they would remain in good health and that their family situations would allow them to travel to see us. Pray for their health and safety as they travel.
  • Pray too for the child-visit day. This is often so exciting and thrilling. I don’t know that we will need translators as many of the children already speak English, but pray for good conversations and lots of hugs and the ability to share with one another and have fun!
  • Pray as God leads you. Our trip will be between March 18 (arrive the 19th) and be held March 20-27.

Thank you!!! Comments are appreciated too! 🙂