I like Sundays because they are so relaxing. I have a bad habit of missing church, but I managed to get out of bed and go today. I looked around for the people in my Bible study group. I never seem to find them. They probably won’t believe that I went to church this morning!

Pastor Jim preached on the power of a thankful heart, and I’m so glad that he did. The heart of the message comes from Exodus 15:22-26 when the Israelites are whining and complaining about everything. [Want to read the Bible online? Click here to go to Biblegateway.com]

The points to remember about having a thankful heart are:

  • A grateful heart protects us from bitterness – we need to recalibrate our hearts if they are ungrateful
  • A grateful heart opens our eyes to the answers – there is a lesson in every affliction.
  • A grateful heart brings wholeness to our lives


It totally doesn’t fit, but I really like the show, Walking Dead. It’s creepy but something that I enjoy!

I am thankful for phones that charge in a few hours so I can keep in touch with people like my dad and get messages from my friend who calls just to give me a good word from God.I am thankful for people who are passionate about the work of God.

I am totally thankful for good worship music on Sundays!