Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

I’m so excited and getting more excited about the opportunity to go to Kenya this spring. I’ll be joining other sponsors in Nairobi in mid-March to learn more about the work of Compassion International.

Here is one video of the way that Compassion works in Kenya. Vincent is 17 and was orphaned and now raises his younger brother. Because of Compassion, he receives support, such as food, medical care, schooling, and he also learns about the love of Christ. Here, Christianity is not just lip service. It is Christ in action to reach out to the orphans.

While in Kenya, I will also get to learn about the Child Survival Program, which works to assist pregnant mothers or mothers with young children under the age of three help their children survive.

If you have ever considered being one part to the end of poverty, you can. It doesn’t take much. $38 a month provides a child with an education, food, medical check-ups. Compassion is not just about giving hand-outs. It works to break the cycle of poverty for that child and that child’s family.  It tells the truth that just because the child may live in a slum, that child is not trash. The lie of poverty is that it must exist.

I would be thrilled if you would be a part of my journey. You can do this by

1) praying for me and the sponsors going on the trip. Pray for opportunities to show God’s love.

2) pray about getting involved.  I am willing to take items for children with me.

3) you can also make a donation. At this time, I have about $2,500 to raise for flight and the rest of the trip.

God bless!