Well, I want to do better about sharing here. Thanks to Michelle’s blog, I decided just to do a fun post on recent letters from my Compassion crew.

Joan Adrian, now age 12, from Indonesia writes:


…Now I am in grade 7. The one I like most in the church is that I can sing and be joyful with my friends to praise the Lord.  It is because of you and your family’s prayer supports. I only can pray for you and the family, may you always be in the Lord Jesus’ care.  Thanks for the Chicago postcard! With love, Joan Adrian Nguru.

I left out his greetings, but I think he is such a sweet, young guy.


I was pleasantly surprised to get a letter from Nolvia, who just recently wrote. She is 10 years old and from Honduras. The picture here is a picture from our visit day in May, 2011 when I had the chance to meet her, along with my other two sponsored kids, Nery and Fernando.

Blessings dear Beth. It’s a pleasure to write to you again. I hope that you are in good health next to your family and your loved ones. Let me tell you that I’m doing very well in school and that makes me very happy. Thank you for the money that you sent me, and with that money I bought a blouse, pants, underwear, shampoo, cream and soap. I liked everything they bought me because I chose it. Hugs and kisses. I love you a lot. So long. May God bless and keep you!

Bridget, my newest correspondent, wrote her first letter. She’s 11 and lives in Uganda.

I learned that she lives with her parents, David and Florence. She also has 4 siblings, though she’s listed as one of six, so there might be an older sibling that no longer lives with the family or perhaps relatives that are part of the household but not in this letter. She has siblings named Stephen, Lillian, and Hellen that are older. She also has a twin sister named Violet!

Her best friend is Sharon, and she really likes science. In fact, she mentions it three times in her letter to me!  It’s not only in the box for favorite school subject, but also in her written message about herself to me. She likes sweet potatoes and fish, and her favorite color is red. Her favorite song is Arise and Shine.

I am really impressed that she wrote the first part of the message by herself, and then her tutor finishes out the letter by adding that she really likes science. She is in grade 4, and she really, really likes science. (Even the teacher seems amused) She likes her teachers and she wants to know if I have a job. She also promises that she will always write to me.

I have two more letters, both from Kenya that I saved until last to write about because I am planning on a sponsor tour to Kenya in March, 2012.

I’ll write more tomorrow, but I request your prayers.  The US Embassy is warning travelers against vacationing in Kenya for a number of reasons. http://nairobi.usembassy.gov/wm_20111104/
I have been planning since July to go on this tour, as have my two friends, Elizabeth and Christoph. This news is a bit concerning, and we are praying for God’s guidance as we are not at peace with the trip.

Will you pray?

Do you have a blog about your letters from your sponsored children? Please share!