Your child needs to know about love. I think this video says a lot about the way children feel because poverty sucks away hope for a future. It often destroys parents and creates an atmosphere of despair. Children are vulnerable to the lies of poverty. Poverty says that they are ugly, worthless, unloved, hopeless. Take the time to write about how you love your child and how valuable she or he is to you.

  1. Share a verse from the Bible that God has shown you. Here are some suggestions about love/hope
    • John 3:16  (God loves the world)
    • 1 John 4:16 (God is love)
    • Jeremiah 29:11 (hope for the future)
    • Mark 10:15, 16 (Jesus blesses the children)
    • Romans 8:28 (God works out all things for good)
  2. Share something about your childhood and a time that someone was proud of you and then add why you are proud of your sponsored child.
  3. Tell them that they are beautiful or handsome. Ask them what they like about themselves.
  4. Tell them that they mean something to you and thank them for their prayers for you & your family.
  5. Ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Encourage them that there are so many things that they can do.
  6. If they have told you in a letter – tell them that you believe he or she WILL be a great [doctor, nurse, teacher, lab technician]
  7. Take pride in their school work. Have they passed an exam recently? Have they moved on to the  next grade? Praise them for this accomplishment. It IS an accomplishment.
  8. Find your child’s last letter and encourage their drawing skills. Tell them that you liked the house, flower, or heart that they drew. Tell them that you put it on your fridge  (and make sure that you do this).
  9. Find your child’s list of activities and ask them about the activities that they like. Encourage them to play honestly and do their best. Praise them for their sportsmanship and let them know that this is a skill. Ask them if they play on a team.
  10. Tell them that you love them
  11. Remind them of God’s deep love for them.

Your letters are valuable, sponsor! Be a witness for Jesus. No regrets about what you didn’t write or how you haven’t written. Just write today. Commit to 3 letters a year, and if possible, 1 letter every 30 days.  God loves you. Your sponsored child loves you and prays for you.