Rebecca, author of SheBecomes writes:

“This is Bethany. She is five years old and is from Eastern Europe. She has delays in psychomotor and physical development, as well as being HIV+.
“Bethany will turn 6 years old in March of 2012. At this time she will likely be moved to a larger institution for older children, where her care and chances of being adopted will greatly decrease. Sadly, because of her HIV status, this means her chances of survival will decrease as well.”
Will you help Bethany find her forever home? Anyone who knows my heart probably knows that I hope to adopt someday soon. At the moment, I hope that I can just encourage you to be the strong person that does this. God is so good and He will provide for all of your needs. I trust Him with the care of little Bethany, but I can’t help but think that there is someone out there reading this who might be the one or know the one that is to be Bethany’s forever home.
Pray about it.  Share her story with others.  Click the picture above to go to Reece’s Rainbow for more information about how you can help.
Well, I’m sharing, so I hope there is an angel out there somewhere who needs a little angel in their family. God bless!