I am going on the Compassion International Sponsor/Advocate tour in March, 2012 to Kenya! I signed up a few weeks ago, but there is still time to sign up, if you’d like to go.

I am going to meet two of my sponsored kids, but while there I will also get to visit a Child Survival Program and hold babies and talk to mothers! Compassion offers a holistic program, so I will also have the chance to visit with Leadership Development Students who have graduated high school and the Child Development Program.

Having  been on two tours with Compassion, I really  believe in what they do. They care about children, honesty, and impacting the world for Jesus. They are a 4-star rated non-profit charity with CharityNavigator. I am most looking forward to seeing Kawira and Wycliffe.

My "son" from Kenya - He's turning 22 this September!

Wycliffe is 21 and recently sent me a letter saying that he believed I’d come to Kenya one day and that he would welcome me as would his family. I think that was the catalyst that led me to sign up. He graduates in September, 2012 and this felt like a good opportunity to meet him.

Kawira also touches my heart. She is a correspondent assigned in June, 2010.  This just means that she has a financial sponsor, but that I have the privilege of writing to her. Often, large organizations that sponsor children cannot write to them all, so they assign a correspondent.

Kawira is 16

She is deaf and attends the Kaaga School for the Deaf in Meru, Kenya. Her best subject is Kiswahili Sign Language, and she finished 6th grade this year. Although she made good marks, her parents are unable to afford to send her to secondary school. Instead, she will begin a trade program, and she asks me for prayers for her siblings that they would be able to go on to secondary school.




I work for a great company that also has a Social Responsibility Program. I would like to put in a proposal to raise donations, particularly items that I can take to Kenya with me.  But what should I ask for? I am hoping to allow others to be a blessing to the people of Kenya and to see what an impact that they can make.

Blankets for moms and babies, stuffed animals for children, school supplies, or donations for Water for Life are a few ideas that have come to mind. Thoughts?



What is Water for Life? Watch this video!